Szakácsi offers a great starting point for longer or shorter hiking tours. The area is varied with forests, farmland, hilly terrain with villages and wide views.

Two long-distance hiking trails run along Szakácsi. One, the red one, is a regional route (Cserehát), the other, the Országos Kéktura, the rural Blue Route, is part of the European long-distance walking network. Using these hiking trails, a number of routes are possible for a (long) weekend or a week. Distances per day can be adjusted to your walking wishes.

You walk on the basis of detailed maps of the area. The routes are clearly marked. There are routes of approximately 10, 15, 20 and 30 kilometers. You can decide in advance, or on the spot, which trip(s) you want to take.

A number of hiking routes have also been set out in Aggtelek Nemzeti Park, which are very worthwhile. This National Park is approximately 40 km away from Szakácsi. The route to it is already very beautiful, especially if you take the back roads. The Aggtelek is famous for its caves from the Karst period (Unesco heritage) and its herd of typical Hungarian Hucul horses. Wolves have also recently been reported. And last but not least the fire salamander, incorporated in the logo of the park, which can be admired in large numbers after a rain shower.
The flora is also unique here, including the special orchids.

A combination of a visit to the caves, the Hucul horses and a walk is therefore one of the attractive options. Sometimes it is possible to walk with a German or English speaking guide in protected areas of the Park that are normally not accessible for tourists. If we know enough time in advance that you want that, there is a good chance that we can organize this for you.

A little further away is a second National Park, the Bükk, also worth a visit. There is also the only ski slope in Hungary and skiing is possible every year. The pistes are simple in nature and in no way resemble the mundane slopes in the famous winter sports areas.

But also a walk around the village is wonderful. A lot of bird species and butterflies can be found in and around the village. You can admire the bee-eater, baby eagles in the sky, the hops sometimes come by the swimming pool and the golden oriole nested in the large nut tree behind the Farmház last year. And every evening the deer are grazing on the south hill. In the forest you come across game with every walk.

If you do not have your own transportation and you want to walk a part of the Blue Route that does not start in Szakácsi, we will be happy to take you to the start and will of course pick you up again. This also applies if you opt for the marked walking routes in the Aggtelek Nemzeti Park,

If you are an experienced hiker with ambition, the routes can also be “linked” to trips of 40 kilometers or longer. In that case we may also need to organize accommodation elsewhere. Let us know in time!